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AERO >> music
posted @ 2012.01.16

LP, 8 Tracks, 50”, Vinyl + Digital, 2009-2011

Lodsb steps the processing up a notch on this release, a no holds barred excursion into digital deconstruction. Disturbing and beautiful in equal parts, this album is not for the casual listener, but is rather an intricate and overwhelming excursion into dense and challenging territory.

retort records

A joint release of retortrecords and the centrifuge.


There are three packages of the album available; one is a free digital download, the second is a deluxe vinyl edition and the third is a High Quality Digital download. If you like the free version and you want to support us, you may consider buying the HQ Digital version… ♥

The tracklisting in the packages differ due to licensing or space limitations.


This free version is released by thecentrifuge.co.uk and available as mp3 download.

thecentrifuge: release site | direct download


Released on heavy vinyl with a deluxe gatefold, the pressing is limited to 300 copies, accompanied by a lossless digital download (HQ Digital).

You can either order the vinyl version from the numerous local LP stores (internationally) supplied by our distributor code7 and via amazon, hmv or bandcamp.

HQ Digital

This version contains all tracks of the album in lossless quality

Available via: bandcamp | iTunes


The usual suspects like:

bandcamp | Spotify | Deezer


Track Free Vinyl HQ

Comments & Reviews

Deriving DSP-bound electrical pulses dipped in muddy soil, each augmented slice of high-pitch-low-pitch squelches offers a detailed perspective of how machines can transform into artistic visual-audio platforms. [...] Not only does Lodsb bend, twist, shift and peal layers of digital corruption, he does so with the ease and fury of parallel artistic voyagers such as Funckarma, FMcontrol, Randomform, Richard Devine et al. [...] what remains is a turbulent dose of snips, snaps and crunched compositions keeping your eyes and ears locked-in from start to finish.

igloo magazine

Aero, takes the listener through an abstract world of micro sound crunching, glitching and misfiring. No sonic element is left unturned, unwraped or unwarped. Two years in the making, the album is definitely a delight for any DSP junkie, sound designer, or just pure geek.

headphone commute

Les traits de Aero sont grossiers, bigarres et anarchiques. [...] Et pourtant c'est vachement bien. Parce qu'en matiere de collages et de technique pure, Lodsb n'est pas un lapin de six semaines. Sa formation de musicien classique l'a probablement aide. [...] L'ensemble a beau etre taille a la serpe mal affutee, il n'en est pas moins jubilatoire. Avoir quarante idees a la minute [...] Les vrilles retro-futuristes de l'allemand sont ereintantes mais degagent un charme et un aspect ludique certain. [...] On trouve dans les interstices de Aero des residus de diabete et de tetanos. On en redemande, tanpis pour le cholesterol et l'epilepsie.

chroniques electroniques

It is a powerful and masterful piece of work that is orchestral and epic, and holds comparison to deconstructionalist artists like Autechre. [...] The last track Wasp hints that Lodsb is more then capable of creating actual dance music, the last section is sinister analog techno, ala Oliver Huntemann or Stephan Bodzin, at its finest.

Buried Treasure

Multiplied by the post-classical and break-core came out of nowhere a talent of abstract art similar to Mouse on Mars. [...] I do not know how to describe [the music] more than 10 minutes from the opening, I just simply return to repeated listening [...] The Gate Fold is like a tailored jacket, so very good it is [...] And to be brutally honest, I'd rather stay lost for words while still in front of this music.


Quasiment inconnu, l'artiste vient de produire une galette dont le foutraque n'a d'egal que le genie. On ne saurait trop vous conseiller que d'ecouter cette merveille, entre IDM decerebre et breakcore a deconseiller aux adolescents pour qui le mot "concept" fait mal a la tete.

L'electro claque vos tympans


This is a promotional album sampler, it contains all the tracks of the release:


In tradition of lodsb’s previous album releases, the stems of each of the album’s tracks are available as download. You are free to remix or use the material as long as the original author is credited (see license). If you use it in your own works, we are eager to get to know!

Track Download Size
vesa Loc 1 | Loc 2 735 MiB
lynx Loc 1 | Loc 2 303 MiB
zinc Loc 1 | Loc 2 307 MiB
orca Loc 1 | Loc 2 219 MiB
neon Loc 1 | Loc 2 179 MiB
cyan Loc 1 | Loc 2 89 MiB
wasp Loc 1 | Loc 2 265 MiB



All tracks except mino are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License (CC BY-SA 3.0). The coverartwork is property of depotvisuals and therefore not covered.


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